7 Best Raw Honey Pure & Organic Reviews

If you are looking for Pure and organic Best Raw Honey Review then you are the right place. Who does not like honey in early breakfast or in the evening time or maybe you use daily? Today sometimes its hard to decide which honey is raw as well as pure and organic.

Honey is used in many ways like medicine, salads, with milk, and also in many ways. We have discussed in detailed the best raw honey in the market right now.

Why We Need Best Raw Honey 100% Organic?

There are many brands available right now in the market which provide raw honey that is pure and organic. Some taste hot, some taste sour with tingling sensation with the heat of peppers. The taste should be flavourful with delicious raw and natural honey it is.

Honey is natural antibiotics for human bodies and also boost energy. It is also used in weight loss, in some health conditions. Consuming honey is always feels fresh and healthy. In some countries, honey is also used in religious ceremonies also.

Many brands sell pure raw honey at very affordable rates and because of that, we are sharing the top 7 best honey brands on amazon.

What is Raw Honey

Raw honey stands for honey that is not adulterated or honey which are directly packed from the honeycomb without processing. There are premium products also we have listed below:

Raw honey is 100% safe for the human body and it does not have any additional flavor or any artificial sweetener in it. Mustard honey or forest honey is the best raw honey review that is pure as well as organic. It is pollen bee which looks cloudy but not an ordinary or regular honey.

7 Best Raw Pure Honey Reviews

Let’s dive in below where we have explained in detail the pros and cons. Please read each and every brand which we have discussed below. And then you can decide or judge which one is best and suits your taste. Sometimes it may be difficult for the Grocery Stores and Supermarkets to provide pure raw honey due to low margin.

ProductBrandLatest Amazon Price
Y.S. ECO BEE FARMSCheck Latest Price
Nature Nate`s Raw HoneyCheck Latest Price
Wedderspoon Premium Raw HoneyCheck Latest Price
Desert CreekCheck Latest Price
Bee`s InnCheck Latest Price
Wildflower CrockettCheck Latest Price
Good NaturedCheck Latest Price

1). YS Raw Honey Eco Bee Farms Reviews

Best raw honey

Fresh, and Straight from the hive of Illinois. Y.S. is another best raw honey brand that is best for your body with no added sugar. Best for your toast and gives a natural taste of honey.

They made a promise and guarantee that hives were kept chemical-free from synthetics hence making it pure and harvested with extreme care. 100% pure, natural, unfiltered, unpasteurized and also fresh from healthy beehives. Y.S  Eco Bee honey rich in minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, etc.

YS Eco Bee Farms Honey has a maximum crystallized and energy-packed honey. It all comes naturally from untouched forest areas where nature is full of abundant wildflowers without disturbing any wildlife.


  • Unpasteurized and Unfiltered raw honey
  • Natural antioxidants
  • Harvested from eco-friendly region with Extreme Care
  • 100% Organic And Pure


  • Taste may be not sweet

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2). 100% Pure Raw & Unfiltered Nature Nate’s Honey (Review)

search result for Nature Nate's 100% Pure Raw & Unfiltered Honey

If you are looking for gluten free Best raw honey then nature nate honey might be your best choice. Straight from north america it is 100% raw and organic. Sometimes we are in tight budget and wants something best with superior quality in our budget.

Its organic lines come from Brazil but have a source in the US and Canada. They keep honey unpasteurized and unfiltered but they slightly heat it so that they can be easily poured in bottles thus keeping all the vitamins and minerals intact.

Certified by Kosher and had completely natural ingredients in it. Clean from any pesticides, antibiotics, and herbicides, etc. Best for all age groups whether they are children, young, or adults which can enjoy the great taste of raw honey with squeeze honey bottle ideally pouring on your tea or pastries.

Lets discuss some pros and cons of this product


  • Best Raw Honey In Budget
  • Unpasteurized and Unfiltered
  • Pure Raw & Unfiltered Honey
  • Gluten Free


  • Comes in plastic bottle

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3). Manuka WEDDERSPOON Premium Honey

best raw organic honey

If you are looking for high grade premium honey then manuka honey from Wedderspoon should be your first choice. High in antiviral and antibacterial honey which is purest and offers best taste and also 100% raw and unpastureized which comes stright from NewZealand.

Due to production in New Zealand, it might be slightly costly but their quality is best and you can rely on it. The Jar which they use to store honey is BPA free with authentic flavor. Manuka honey is also an immunity booster for older people as well for kids.

Whenever you look at manuka honey always look for UMF rating which indicates how much manuka pollen has in it. It has a rating of 16+ UMF. Best for Drizzling on your favorite food, Use as a DIY product, or you can also use it to get as an energy booster.

Also, you can use it in your daily breakfast or pour it on your fruits, etc. Some ladies use it as Beauty products also. They put it on there as a face mask. Let’s discuss some pros and cons of Manuka honey.


  • Straight From New Zealand Forest
  • Increases Immunity
  • Caramelized Sugars
  • BPA Free Jar


  • Might taste more sweet



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4). Desert Creek – Premium And Pure Texas Raw Honey

search result for desert texas raw honey

If you are looking for American best raw honey then desert creek honey straight from texas which is not only premium but also pure and organic product. This one is also certified kosher and gluten-free with vitamins and minerals added in it.

Each and everything is done by desert creek people. Like producing packaging and also selling there product. No third-party is involved. They also took care of there honey Jar which also is of premium quality. Right now it is the best selling product in the market.

Desert Creek honey remains untouched pure and unprocessed to maintain all its enzymes, amino acids, pollens, vitamins, and trace minerals naturally found in honey. They never use any heating or force filtering that removes any benefits of natural pollen which every drop of honey contains.

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of desert creek raw honey:


  • Pure Raw Honey
  • Unpasturized or unheated
  • Unprocessed from hive
  • Produced in clean Texas field
  • naturally Fat free, and gluten free
  • Certified Kosher
  • Available in different sizes


  • Price is little high

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5). Bee’s Inn Manuka Best Raw And Pure Honey UMF 20+, 250g

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Again one more manuka honey which is not only best raw honey review but also Lab-Certified UMF 20+ Manuka Honey straight from New Zealand testing labroratary. Each and every batch is tested preciesely, verified and then licensed independently.

To keep protected from bacterial degradation they inject healthy and natural enzymes in it and also if no air or water gets into honey they can last up to hundreds of years. They collect manuka honey from blossoms manuka flowers which keeps it more delicious and tastier.

Produce in the north island of New Zealand which is south hamilton 2 hours drive from south Auckland. Now lets discuss some pros and cons which are as follows:


  • Best Manuka Honey
  • Lab-Certified UMF 20+ Manuka Honey
  • Uses grade of UMF 20+


  • No return Policy

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6) Wildflower Crockett Honey

search result for crockett honey

They say that best honey brand comes from desert. And in this prespective Crockett honey fulfills the best raw honey which comes straight from Arizona/Sonoran Desert which has vast diversity of fauna and flora wildflower honey. 100% Pure, unfiltered and natural with rich delicate flavoured honey.

It is not as much hard so easily consumable and digestible. Sourced from the nectar of different plants such as Gallberry, White Holly, Cat Claw, and Mesquite, etc. Many plants are rich in vitamins and minerals making the vital sources of increasing immunity booster.

If you want to store Wildflower Crockett honey into a small container then you can easily do it as it comes in liquid form. It can also be used on a day to day basis or you can carry this small container to office, parks, or anywhere while you are traveling.

They pack the honey in such a way that it remains natural and also its rich flavor as it is. Available in 48 ounces which is great value for money. Let’s discuss some pros and cons which are stated below:


  • Great Value For Money
  • 100% Pure, Unfiltered, Natural
  • No sugar is added
  • Available in different sizes


  • Comes in plastic jar



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7). 100% Certified MGO 820+ (NPA 20+) Raw Manuka Honey

search result for 100% raw manuka honey

If you are looking for certified high-grade raw honey then I would recommend you to have a look at 100% raw manuka honey which has the highest grade of medicinal strength with antibacterial activity. Its price is a little bit higher as compared to other manuka honey due to healing power it has which you will realize when you have this raw manuka, honey. And also this is produced in Australia tested in Newzealand for the best quality to its consumers.

This honey is produced from Leptospermum plants and found only in Australia or Newzealand. Leptospermum plants have some healing power which other honey doesn’t have it. They have international laboratories and also independent laboratories so that no compromise in quality before packaging.


  • 100% Raw
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • No Colors Added
  • 820+ MGO
  • UMF 20+


  • Non returnable item


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Points To Consider While Buying Best Raw Honey

Still confused, what to look when buying raw honey then no problem. Some raw brands heat honey so much that it can easily pour into bottlers. Because of that, it reduces all the nutrients inside the honey and eliminating all the enzymes and reducing the health benefits.

So if you are looking for a brand that is an alternative of any processed sugar and pasteurized honey then there are many brands available in the market which you can choose. We have covered the points to look after before buying pure organic honey so that you can have a brief idea and will clear your all doubts.

Look For Raw In Label

When you have decided to buy the best raw honey then look for a label on the bottle or jar that says “raw” on it. Because sometimes products that are labeled as organic or pure does not mean that they are pure.


First of all, let me clear you all the raw honey which is available in the market has been a little bit heated. Those brand which tends to tell that they have never heated it then they might be telling lie. But always check that it has been heated very little.

Because if they heat more to pour it in a jar. And more they heat more the crushing of nutrient, mineral, and all its enzymes, etc. Warming of raw honey crystalized the procedure of nectar.


If you are buying pure honey then always look for unfiltered one before making it any purchase. Unfiltered honey is heated very minimally to remove wax, dead honey bees, dust granules, or honey bees any body parts, etc which cannot be seen through our naked eyes.

Top Raw Honey Benefits

Now let’s discuss some of the benefits of raw honey which can let you know what are its benefits which raw honey gives.

  • Heal Wounds
  • Good source of antioxidants
  • Nutrient powerhouse
  • Antifungal and Antibacterial properties
  • Best for sore throat
  • Help in digestive problem


Q: Benefits of raw honey?

Ans: We have discussed the benefits of best raw honey reviews above.

Q: Which is better Raw honey or Regular honey?

Ans: Raw honey is far better than regular honey. Raw honey has many advantages in comparison to regular honey.

Q: Any Side effects?

Ans: Infants below age 2 should not be given raw honey. But there are no side effects of raw honey for younger and adult people.

Q: Raw honey good for skin?

Ans: Yes it good for skin as many women use it as a face mask.

Q: How raw honey looks?

Ans Raw honey looks like opaque and milky.

Q: Can raw honey be frozen?

Ans: Yes you can freeze some raw honey but it will never completely freezes out.

Final Words

The best raw honey review has somehow cleared your mind regarding raw honey to choose from. As it can cure many problems easily. Honey is used in ancient culture in Egyptian times thousands of years before. Keep it as much natural to keep all its benefits intact.